Newbury College Renewables Centre

Newbury College is expanding the delivery of energy systems skills to train the next generation of renewable specialists.

Of UK carbon emissions
come from the built environment

Our Aim

Delivering specialised training on the latest renewable energy technology.

Our story

Newbury College is launching a new renewables energy centre that will train plumbers, engineers, electrical installers, and technicians in the skills they need to fit, install, and retrofit the latest renewable energy systems and technology.

In the UK, the built environment is responsible for around 40% of the UK's CO2 emissions and many councils are working towards net-zero targets which have a significant focus on buildings, energy, and heating. While employers across house building, heating, plumbing, and renewable energy have highlighted a need to train young people with the skills they need to work on renewable technology specialisms like solar PV, heat pumps, and biomass.

There are many reasons for businesses and institutions to invest in sustainability. But, for us, the drive comes first and foremost from our students – the young people and adults that we train. They are interested in issues around carbon reduction and committed to creating a better environment. It's important that we respond effectively to this demand.

Our new renewables centre will combine the core principles of engineering, materials, heating, and plumbing with specialist expertise around renewable technology, demonstrating our commitment to careers, not courses.

Our advice

Just do something, even if that means starting small. This is a problem that is not going to be solved unless we're all committed and we're all taking steps to work towards net-zero targets.

Our Metrics –
• Student and community engagement and success.

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