Transforming Transport
in Reading

Reading Borough Council is working with local transport companies and residents to reduce the number of cars on the road and reach net-zero by 2030.

Reduction in carbon emissions
across the borough in the last 12 years


Our Aim

Delivering clean transport alternatives that reduce cars on the road to cut carbon emissions.

Our story

Reading Borough Council is one of the few councils in the country that owns a bus company. Reading Buses is a best-in-class transport company and we are working closely with them to reach net-zero by 2030. We're doing this by investing in vehicles powered by hydrogen gas and a range of other clean fuel alternatives.

The council is also promoting active cycling and walking using government funding. Ultimately, we want to ensure people have as many alternatives to a private car as possible so that we can reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

As a Council, we are committed to leading by example. We've reduced our carbon emissions over the last 12 years by over 60%, putting us in the top five local authorities in the UK. We support local businesses across the borough, helping them to embrace sustainability and reduce their emissions, and ensuring everyone plays a part in making Reading a cleaner and healthier place to live. We want to reduce carbon emissions, but we also want to improve air quality, decrease traffic congestion, and create a pleasant environment for all of our residents.

Our advice

For anyone starting out on this journey, we recommend that they explore the various websites that the government has set up nationally to provide advice and support. Locally, the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP is a great place to start and is filled with helpful advice about accessing grants and funding, particularly for smaller businesses. It's all about sharing information and not being shy about asking for help.

Our Metrics –
• Reduction in carbon emissions.

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