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The Billion Tonne Drop

How Oxfordshire leads the global charge to address the climate emergency
Run by: The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership

As COP26 prepares to pose urgent questions around our collective future, the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) is confident that answers are close at hand.

From its academic heritage to a ‘mission-based’ approach which was most-recently demonstrated through the creation of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, Oxfordshire pushes the boundaries of science and innovation to its limits.

The county is home to 1,500 high-tech companies brimming with ideas, including those behind the county’s ability to boast what’s likely to be the hottest, coldest and brightest spots on Earth – extraordinary feats that are powering a net-zero future.

By connecting innovation, policy and finance, these cutting-edge projects have the potential to collectively be scaled-up to deliver an annual global saving of at least one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.

This event – hosted by OxLEP – will showcase how Oxfordshire leads the global charge to address the climate emergency. Guests at this special event will feature experts from a variety of fields, dedicated to supporting the drive towards a zero-carbon future, including key figures from green finance, business and academia.

The event promises unique insights from across an unparalleled innovation ecosystem that is already delivering many answers to the climate emergency – and with the right level of investment and collaboration – is well-set to do more.

This event – which will also see the premiere of a short-film showcasing Oxfordshire’s expertise across multiple areas – will be of relevance to leaders in energy, clean growth and sustainability, especially those aligned with investment opportunities, policy development and research funding.

Details of speakers:

Hosted by broadcaster Howard Bentham.

Event speakers:

● Dr Alex Money – Director, Innovative Infrastructure Investment Programme, Smith School

● Martin Fiennes – Principal (Deep Tech), Oxford Science Enterprises

● Pippa Gawley – Founder and Managing Director, Zero Carbon Capital

● Wicher Kist – CEO, Saietta Group

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